What’s the reason for the silver necklace turning black?


It is wrong to say that the silver necklace turns black to prove that it is unhealthy. In fact, the blackening of the silver necklace is just a normal reaction between silver and sulfur in the air, which has nothing to do with the health of the body. Many friends may not know what happened to the sudden blackening of the silver necklace, and they do not know why the silver necklace blackened. In fact, sulfur comes from a small amount of sulfide in the air. Also, it has something to do with personal habits, such as taking a bath with a silver necklace, or directly washing your face and wetting the silver necklace with water.

The blackening of silver necklaces may be caused by the reaction of silver ions and sulfur elements in the air, which will produce black oxides when exposed to the air for a long time. In addition, after wearing or placing silver necklaces for a long time, a large amount of dust, dirt and other impurities will be attached to the surface of the silver necklaces, and irregular cleaning of the silver necklaces will also affect the color of the silver necklaces. The reason why the silver necklace blackens may be that the silver necklace will react with the air when it is exposed to the air for a long time, and the silver ions will react with the sulfur element in the air to produce black oxides, which will lead to the blackening of the silver necklace. In addition, the blackening of the silver necklace may also be due to the lack of regular cleaning. After the silver necklace is placed or worn for a long time, the surface will gradually adhere to a large amount of dust, dirt and other impurities. If the silver necklace is cleaned irregularly, the color of the silver necklace will be affected. The blackening of the silver necklace is mainly due to oxidation. When silver is exposed to the air for a long time, a layer of oxide will form on its surface, which will lead to the loss of its original color. In addition, a large amount of sweat and oil stains will appear on the skin during the wearing process, which will also speed up the oxidation of the silver necklace surface. Silver is naturally oxidized in the air.

What causes the silver necklace to turn black

1. Silver is a very active precious metal, which is easy to be oxidized and discolored, that is, blackened. Real pure silver is bound to be oxidized, and the higher the purity, the easier it will be oxidized. Especially in summer, when the temperature is high, the human body is easy to sweat, and the reaction between sweat and silver is more likely to cause the oxidation of silver jewelry, leading to the phenomenon of blackening. The fluid components secreted by different people vary greatly. When the body fluid secreted by the human body contains more acid, the silver jewelry we wear that contacts the body fluid more will slowly be oxidized and blackened.

2. There are two reasons for silver blackening. One is that silver reacts with oxygen in the air and becomes silver oxide, which is grayish black. In this case, you can use toothpaste and soft cloth to restore brightness; Second, silver reacts with the sulfur in sweat and becomes silver sulfide, which is shiny and dark black. Due to individual differences, those who sweat more or have higher sulfur content in sweat are more likely to turn black. If you often contact with perfume, perfume powder, washing powder, sulfur soap, etc., it will also change color. Some people wear silver jewelry which is not easy to change color. Some people will turn black once they wear it.

What happened when the silver necklace suddenly turned black

If our external environment is seriously polluted, the silver necklace will easily turn black. Some people find it troublesome to take off the silver necklace. They don’t take it when they wear it. They also take it when they wash their hair and bathe. Shampoo and shower gel contain chemical components, which will react to the silver necklace and cause it to become black. In addition to the external environment, the blackening of the silver necklace is also related to the internal environment of the human body. If a person’s body contains high acid, the silver necklace will blacken faster. The silver jewelry worn by people who sweat easily and have high sulfur content in their sweat is also easy to turn black. But if you just polish your favorite silver necklace, but it turns black soon after you wear it, then you should take a long time to see if there is any problem with the air in your external environment, or if you often contact items containing sulfur. The best maintenance method of sterling silver necklace is to wear it every day, because human body oil can produce natural warm luster. When wearing a silver necklace, do not wear other metal jewelry at the same time to avoid collision deformation or scratches. Keep the sterling silver necklace dry. Don’t wear it for swimming. Don’t go near hot springs and sea water. When not in use, wipe the surface lightly with cotton cloth or face paper to remove moisture and dirt, and then place it in a sealed bag or box to avoid contact with air.


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