Sterling Silver Chains

How to select the length of a silver chain

1、 How long is the silver chain

According to the survey, there are many specifications of the silver chainlength, about 30cm long, but the silver chainis close to the neck, which is not only more selective to wear, but also suitable for matching evening gowns; For the most common 41cm silver chain, anyone can wear it, and it is also a good match for clothing, also suitable for any occasion.

In general, people’s necks are different in length, and everyone’s dress is different. Sometimes it depends on the occasion, so the requirements for silver chainlength are different. Some people are suitable for wearing long silver chains, while others are suitable for wearing shorter silver chains. So, how long does the silver chainfit you? If you want to fit yourself, you need to consider many aspects.

Although the silver chainof about 41cm is the most common length, if you are attending some informal occasions, you can choose a slightly longer silver chain. It is recommended to choose a silver chainof about 58cm, because the silver chain of this length is more approachable, and it also matches clothes well, giving you a feeling of luxury and confidence.

2、 How should people choose the length of the silver chain

People can be divided into men and women. However, the physical features of each person of different genders are different, and silver chains can also be divided. For the length of male silver chains, there are generally three specifications: 18 inches or about 46cm are small silver chains; 20 inches, about 50cm, close to the clavicle, is the most commonly used size; The length of 24 inches is 60cm, and it hangs to the chest.

The length of female silver chainis 16 inches, about 40cm, which is equivalent to the collar; 18 inches, about 46cm, sagging to the position close to the clavicle; And 20 inches is about 50cm, which means it droops to a point below the clavicle; 22 inches, about 55cm, close to the collar; Finally, it is about 60cm of 24 inches, and it hangs below the collar.

There are many kinds of silver chains on the market, but not every silver chain is suitable for you. You should not only choose according to your face shape, but also choose the appropriate silver chain length according to the length of your neck, so as to beautify your image.

The benefits of sterling silver as a material for chains.

Low prices

Sterling silver, as one of the excellent materials for forging silver chains, has an incomparable price advantage, which makes sterling silver chains more cost-effective compared to silver chains made of other materials. People are more fond of sterling silver chains.

Low maintenance costs

Sterling silver chains are generally not prone to oxidation and tarnishing, and can be preserved for a long time as long as contact with cosmetics, perfumes, etc. is avoided. The cost of repair and maintenance is low.


Sterling silver chains have a lower allergenicity rate than other materials because of their more stable structure. People who are prone to allergies can show their beauty by wearing sterling silver chains.

How to match silver chain

Compared with the elegant gold chains, in fact, the silver chains with clear colors are more suitable for girls’ chain necklaces. After all, not everyone likes the color of gold. A thin silver chain, whether worn inside or exposed outside, can well set off the wearer’s fresh and refined temperament.

The chain necklace matches with the pendant to make the chest brighter, while the silver chain matches with the pendant to make the necklace style have more matching space, but there are also some points to be noted:

1.It is better to match the silver chain with the silver pendant. The two are of the same material, and the visual effect will be more harmonious;

2.When matching pendants, consider the thickness of the chain – if the silver chain is thick, it should be matched with a large pendant with gorgeous temperament; if the silver chain is thin, a simple and delicate small pendant will be more appropriate, such as a small diamond, a single pearl, etc;

3. The material of the pendant should not be non-ferrous metal, or it will dye with the silver chain, causing the chain necklace to lose luster.