What can be used to wash the silver necklace when it turns black?

People wear silver necklaces not only because they have a good moral, but also because they can improve their own temperament and make themselves the highlight of the crowd. Maybe they can also attract love! The price of the necklace can also reflect its material properties to some extent. For example, the silver necklace of the S925 is cheaper than that of the S990. Many friends may not know how to wash the silver necklace when it turns black, or how to wash the pure silver necklace when it turns black?

How to wash a silver necklace when it turns black? How to wash a pure silver necklace when it turns black?

When the silver necklace turns black, the surface needs to be wiped clean and cleaned with toothpaste and soft brush, so that the silver necklace will not have scratches. When consumers buy silver jewelry, they will give away silver wiping cloth. We can gently wipe the oxidized and blackened silver necklace with silver wiping cloth, so that the necklace will recover its brightness soon. Coke can also clean the blackened silver necklace. We soak the blackened silver necklace in Coke for about 12 hours, and then take it out to clean it, and it will quickly restore its original luster. Now many gold jewelry stores will provide free cleaning services, so consumers can take them to the store to clean and restore the damaged gloss. Soak the blackened silver necklace with overnight tea until it is bright and white, then take it out. In addition, silver washing liquid and sour vinegar can also clean blackened silver necklaces. Squeeze some of the bath gel into the palm of your hand, slowly rub it until foam appears, then put the neck chain on your hand and gently rub it. After repeated rubbing, clean it with cold water, and wipe the water with cotton cloth, the sterling silver necklace will return to its original shine.

1. Wipe lipstick clean:

If you have expired lipstick, do not throw it away. It can be used now. Wipe the blackened silver necklace with expired lipstick on a paper towel or a clean flannel cloth, and then rinse it with water. Your silver necklace can regain its luster. This wiping method will lighten the pattern on the surface of the silver necklace.

2. Clean the toothpaste:

The toothpaste contains certain chemicals, which can destroy the black oxide on the surface of the silver necklace. Moreover, this chemical treatment method will not leave any trace on the silver necklace, which is very suitable for us to clean most of the blackened silver necklaces we encounter in daily life. It’s amazing how to clean the blackened silver necklace.

3. Soak in cola:

Coke contains carbonic acid. Therefore, the unfinished or expired cola is used to soak the silver necklace. In this way, the blackened silver necklace can regain its luster by reacting with the carbonic acid in the cola. However, it needs to soak in cola for a long time, and it takes many times to remove the black substance on the surface of the silver necklace.

4. Clean foam:

When cleaning smooth silver jewelry, first squeeze a small amount of toothpaste into your hand, add a little water to rub a rich foam, gently rub the jewelry with a soft cloth until it is bright, then rinse it with water and dry it with a cloth. You can find a small plastic bag, put the silver jewelry into it, squeeze a small amount of toothpaste into your hand, and add a little water to knead it into a rich foam.

The higher the purity of silver, the greater the probability of blackening. As the reaction time between silver and air is long, the oxidation will cause it to blacken. The blackening of sterling silver products should be handled in a timely manner so as not to affect the beauty. Generally, the black on the surface of sterling silver products can be removed by gently polishing with a toothpaste toothbrush! But the disadvantage of this method is that you can’t brush the small places! So the cleaning was not thorough! Now the popular method of cleaning is to fold the tin foil into a small box, put the sterling silver products in it, then put in an appropriate amount of salt, and finally pour in boiling water! Instant cleaning is clean and thorough! The silver wiping cloth made of deerskin velvet does not pilling and fuzzing, and it is not easy to damage the silver ornaments. It also contains decontamination powder inside, which can wipe the black surface of the neck chain. Take the sterling silver necklace to the merchant who bought it for cleaning. When many people buy sterling silver necklaces, businesses will promise free cleaning service for life. If you are afraid that your cleaning will damage the sterling silver necklace, you can choose to go to the store and ask professionals to clean it. They will clean the necklace very clean.


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