What are the correct methods for cleaning silver jewelry?

Silver jewelry is a kind of jewelry made of metallic silver, which is smooth and shiny. While creating natural crystals, experts have devoted their efforts to silver jewelry. Everyone’s endocrine and physical conditions are different. Some people’s sweat contains more acid, some people’s body fluids contain less acid, and some people’s body fluids contain higher sulfur content. These are substances that cause the surface of silver jewelry to become black. Everyone will have different results when wearing silver jewelry. Some people will be as bright as new after wearing silver jewelry for half a year. Many friends may not know how to clean the black silver jewelry and what are the correct methods for cleaning silver jewelry?

How to clean the blackened silver jewelry? What are the correct ways to clean the silver jewelry?

Put down the silver jewelry and soak it in the silver washing water for 2 minutes. When you see white, take it out and rinse it with water. Then use the old toothbrush to put some detergent on the silver jewelry and brush it back and forth with tap water several times to rinse it. The silver washing cloth is used to directly wipe silver jewelry for several times and it will be as bright as new. Wipe the oxidized and blackened silver with the silver washing cloth, and the silver will be as bright as new soon. The most important thing is that the silver wiping cloth can also be used repeatedly. Some silverware and jewelry can’t be cleaned with the above methods. It’s better to take them to a professional jewelry store and ask a master to clean them for you. It doesn’t cost much to take them to a silversmith to clean them. Some silverware doesn’t know what chemicals are stuck to it. It’s difficult to clean the dirt if you’re not professional. When silver jewelry is not worn, it should be cleaned and then put away. It is better to put it in an airtight pocket to prevent oxidation and blackening. If the wearer sweats a lot, he can wipe the surface with a soft cloth every day to maintain luster and remove dirt. It is better to use special silver wiping cloth for silver ornaments with platinum plated surface. Silver wiping cloth can be purchased in silver brand stores.

1. Soak in soapy water: soak in soapy water for about 15 minutes, then gently scrub with a brush, and finally clean with clean water. However, pay attention to the damage of soapy water, and it is better not to soak too long.
2. Toothpaste cleaning: After squeezing the toothpaste on the surface of the silver for washing, let it stand for ten minutes and then clean it to easily remove the stains, but pay attention to coating the silver ornaments with toothpaste, but do not use too brute means to rub.
3. Cleaning with white vinegar: soak the silver ornaments in white vinegar for 30 minutes, then take them out and gently wipe the stains. If the silver ornaments are soaked in white vinegar for too long, it may also have some minor impact on the silver ornaments.
4. Silver washing water: Silver washing water is a professional cleaner that is more suitable for silver. It is faster and more effective than other cleaning methods, and does no harm to silver jewelry. However, silver washing water should not be used too many times, and things will turn against each other when they reach their limit.
5. Coke soaking: soak the silver in cola, Sprite and other carbonated drinks for half a day. The carbonation in the cola reacts with the iron oxide in the rust. Washing silver with cola is one of the cheapest and best methods. You can buy it everywhere.
6. Silver wiping cloth: We can buy a special cloth to wipe it. Ordinary jewelry stores or Taobao can buy it, which can easily clean the jewelry. Moreover, the price of this piece of cloth is inexpensive.
7. Tea washing: You can drop a little vinegar or tea water on the silver, but do not directly soak it in it. Because it may damage the jewelry. After dropping a few drops of vinegar or tea water, wipe it with a damp pad.

Silver jewelry is blackened because it is oxidized in contact with the air. Use tin foil to spread it in a container, put the blackened silver jewelry on it, and cover it with a layer of salt. The salt should completely cover the jewelry. Then pour boiling water on it, and it can be fished out in about a minute. The blackened silver jewelry will become as clean as new. Squeeze the toothpaste onto the soft cloth and gently wipe the blackened position of the silver video to restore the luster, because there is a grinder in the toothpaste to help remove the blackened impurities. When silver jewelry blackens, you can use white vinegar to drop a few drops on the silver jewelry, then wipe it clean, wait for the blackened position to become bright, then rinse and wipe it clean. Because vinegar can react with the blackening substances on silver ornaments, helping to remove the ugly black. When silver ornaments turn black, you can also use professional silver paper to clean them. This silver paper has silver powder on it, which can help silver ornaments restore brightness. Some people also use carbonated soda to soak blackened silver jewelry, which can also help silver jewelry reduce the blackened impurities.


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