Diamond Natural White Crystal Necklace


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It is handmade by ACORDOI, inlaid with natural white crystal. The moment when the sun twinkles is the moment when you shine with dazzling charm, and you are confident to be yourself.

Chain Length:16″
Metal:Sterling Silver 18K Gold Plated
Stone:White Crystal
Total weight: 2g
Product number:70004

1 review for Diamond Natural White Crystal Necklace
  1. nacy

    Great. I found many crystal necklaces. Either the chain is not pure silver, or the crystal is an ugly awl shape. The appearance of this white crystal is the most important part that attracts me. Compared with Swarovski, the advantage is that the price is lower. Besides, this is natural crystal. There are some fine impurities in the crystal. Natural crystal is really better for the skin. Next, the gold-plated process of pure silver is also good, It looks no different from the pure gold one. The only thing I can criticize is that the crystal pendant in the picture is so big. It is actually much smaller when I get it. But it is not beautiful when it is big. I like this necklace very much!

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