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The moral and symbol of stud earrings

The moral of men’s stud earrings
If the stud earrings are worn on the right ear, it means that you are in love; If the stud earrings are worn on the left ear, if there is an object, it means that you love the person who gave me the stud earrings. If there is no object, it means that you are healing or playing cool.

Implied meaning of ladies wearing stud earrings
There is a saying that the left ear listens to love talk. If men and women each wear an ear stud, it is more appropriate to wear it on the left ear; The first reason for wearing stud earrings on the right ear is that the right ear is homophonic with the right ear, so they will wear them together with their boyfriend, implying that they have (right) you in their heart. The second reason is that China has always followed the principle of men being left and women being right. The third reason is to highlight the maverick personality.
What is the meaning of unilateral stud earrings?

In some areas, boys with studs in their right ear are considered gay, while girls with studs in their left ear are considered lesbians.

How to match stud earrings

Matching of stud earrings and face shape
Match different styles according to different face types. For round faces, it is better to choose angled or square stud earrings to increase the contour of the face; Square face is more suitable for rounded style, which can neutralize the edge and corner feeling; There is no limit for girls with melon face, and they can choose according to their preferences.

Matching between stud earrings and height
Matching the stud earrings according to their height, small girls will look cute when wearing delicate and small stud earrings, and taller women will choose larger stud earrings to match themselves.

Matching stud earrings and clothing
The stud earrings are matched according to the clothing. When the color and style are the best, the color of other decorations on the body can echo and match. Try to keep the same color system, and the composition elements and styles of other jewelry should also be similar as far as possible. It is more perfect to match in a harmonious style.

Cleaning and maintenance of stud earrings

How to clean stud earrings
If the material of the stud earrings is metal, it can be wiped with talcum powder or toothpaste. If it is pearl, clean it slowly with clear water or very thin neutral lotion. If it is plastic, detergent with strong detergency can be used.

How to disinfect stud earrings
Hydrogen peroxide and cotton swabs can be used to directly disinfect hydrogen peroxide dipped in cotton swab; You can also use alcohol to disinfect stud earrings directly from alcohol.

How to keep stud earrings
When not wearing stud earrings, they can be stored in a dry box padded with soft, clean flannelettes and kept in a safe place.