Sterling Silver Rings

How to distinguish true from false sterling silver rings

The ring is a very common kind of jewelry. Compared with gold and platinum rings, silver rings are very cost-effective, and the colors are very versatile, so they are very popular. Although silver is not a very valuable precious metal, there are still many cases of counterfeiting in the market, so you should pay more attention when buying silver.

In fact, silver itself is not very expensive jewelry. When you buy it, you’d better go to a brand jewelry store or a well-known silver product store. According to the fineness of silver, silver ornaments can be divided into sterling silver, grain silver and colored silver. To identify the authenticity of silver rings, we should start from the following aspects:

1. Look at the color: When buying a silver ring, you should first observe it with your eyes. The silver ring with white color, good gloss and meticulous workmanship has a high quality. If the color is dim and the glossiness is low, it is probably a fake silver ring.

2. Weighing: Compared with many metals, silver is relatively dense, so its weight is relatively heavy. There is a saying that aluminum is light, silver is heavy, and copper is not light or heavy. Therefore, weighing the weight can preliminarily judge the authenticity of the silver ring. If the weight is very light, it is likely that the silver content is very low.

3. Burning with fire: There is a saying that true gold is not afraid of fire. In fact, true silver is also not afraid of fire. Burn the silver ring with fire. If the color does not change after burning, it is a real silver ring. If the ring changes color after burning, it may be false, or the silver content is very low.

Are silver rings afraid of water?

The physical and chemical properties of silver are relatively stable, with good thermal conductivity and conductivity. It is soft, full of ductility, low activity, and is not easy to be corroded by chemicals, so it can touch water. In other words, you can wash your hands, bathe and swim with a silver ring, and water will not have a great impact on the silver ring.

However, it should be noted that the silver ring is not afraid of water, but sweat will have an impact on the silver ring. Therefore, after wearing the silver ring and sweating, you need to wash and dry it with clean water in time to prevent sweat from oxidizing the silver ring and making it yellow.

How to clean sterling silver rings

Silver wiping cloth

Generally, when you buy silver jewelry, you will give away some silver wiping cloth. This professional wiping tool is more powerful than ordinary cleaning tools. It can wipe silver rings very well, and the silver jewelry wiped will also be brighter.


Clean the silver ornaments with toothpaste, and then soak them in water for one minute, but this method is easy to cause scratches on the surface of the ornaments.


You can soak the silver ring with silver washing liquid for a period of time before cleaning, but it will corrode the silver ring seriously.


Alum and water can be mixed in a ratio of 1 to 10

Maintenance of Sterling Silver Ring

1. Wear for a long time

The best maintenance method of silver ring is to wear it every day, because human body oil can make it produce natural and warm luster.

2. Clean when not wearing

When silver rings are not worn, they should be cleaned before being put away. It is better to put them in airtight pockets to prevent oxidation and blackening. If the wearer sweats a lot, he can wipe the surface with a soft cloth every day to maintain luster and remove dirt. The silver ring with platinum plating on the surface should be wiped with a special silver wiping cloth.

3. Not worn with other rings

When wearing the silver ring, do not wear other precious metal rings at the same time to avoid collision deformation or scratches. Of course, it is also important to store jewelry separately from other jewelry.

4. Clean timely after yellowing

If the silver jewelry is found to be yellow, the simplest way is to use toothpaste and a little water to gently wash the surface. Or use a small jewelry brush to clean the slit of the silver jewelry, and then use a silver cloth to gently wipe its surface. You can immediately restore the original beauty of the jewelry. If the silver jewelry is seriously yellow, it needs to be soaked in silver washing water, but the soaking time should not be too long, usually for a few seconds. After taking it out, immediately wash it with clean water, and then dry it with face paper.

The stability of silver rings is relatively high, but yellowing also occurs, so the maintenance of silver rings is very important.