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The benefits of sterling silver as a necklace material

Price: It is much cheaper than gold. Gold is currently at an all-time high which means that silver is an excellent option for those looking to save money.
Style: Sterling silver is a softer metal, making it easier to work with. This means that there are more styles to choose from for silver jewelry.

How to clean a sterling silver necklace?

We recommend wiping the necklace clean with a soft, lint-free cloth after each wear. If the necklace starts to become dull, it can be cleaned or soaked in a special sterling silver cleaner. To avoid tarnishing, keep your necklace in a sterling silver jewelry box or pouch and avoid leaving your sterling silver necklace in the sun or in a damp environment.

What are the precautions for silver necklace maintenance

If the silver necklace is not properly maintained, it is easy to turn black and fade, and sometimes it may break. Therefore, pay special attention to the following points during maintenance:

1. When wearing a silver necklace, do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time to avoid collision deformation or scratches.
2. When doing strenuous exercise or housework, it is recommended to take off the silver necklace.
3. Pay attention to keep the silver necklace dry, do not wear it for swimming, and do not go near hot springs and sea water. When not in use, gently wipe the surface with cotton cloth or face paper to remove moisture and dirt, and place it in a sealed bag or box to avoid contact with air.
4. When a lady wears a silver necklace, she should also be careful not to entangle the necklace with her hair.
5. Take off the silver necklace when you sleep every day to prevent the high temperature and sweat in the quilt from accelerating the oxidation of the silver necklace.
6. When wearing a silver necklace, try not to let it be contaminated with oil, dirt, etc.

How to choose a sterling silver necklace

Pay attention to the material.

Although both are silver, there are also 925 and 999. 925 is alloy silver, that is, the proportion of silver element is 92.5%, and the others are made of other metals. This alloy material makes silver have higher hardness. In international standards, 925 silver can be called pure silver. Similarly, 999 silver refers to the silver with 99.9% of the silver element, but the texture is softer than 925 silver.

Note the strength of the ring.

The O-chain is composed of O-rings, which are divided into open rings and closed rings. The split ring refers to an O-ring that has not been welded, while the closed ring has been welded. Obviously, if you want to match a large pendant, it is recommended to choose a stronger closed ring.

Note the wall thickness of the ring.

The O-chain is divided into thin and thickened versions (the thickened version is usually indicated by the seller). The thin version is made of silver sheet bending (low strength, easy to accumulate dust in the concave), and the thickened version is made of silver bar bending with semicircular section. If you want to match a large pendant or care about the strength, it is recommended to choose a thicker one with greater strength.

Note the diameter of the ring.

Each O-ring forming an O-ring chain shall have a minimum diameter of 2.5 mm and a maximum diameter of 8 mm. Generally, girls can choose the 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm model, and those larger than 3.5 mm will appear not feminine. Boys generally choose the 4mm or 5mm model, while those larger than 6mm are somewhat ostentatious:

Note the length of the chain.

For girls, the chain length is configured as required: from a chain that can only wrap around the neck (circumference of about 45 mm) to a sweater that can droop to the belly button. For boys, the length of the chain is from the neck chain (about 50 mm in circumference) to 60-65 mm (this length is usually the required length of the pendant. For specific effects, refer to Toledo in the film Speed and Passion):

About connectors.

Common necklace joints are spring buckles, M buckles and S buckles. Among them, the spring buckle is fully closed and can be opened and closed by pushing and pulling. The M buckle is prepared for hanging a large pendant (relatively speaking, the M buckle is more suitable for a large pendant). The opening is half welded and half opened, while the S buckle is also half welded and half opened. If the connector is an option, I suggest you choose a more reassuring spring buckle – something that is thoughtful, and you should ensure that it is the safest.

Pay attention to the color.

Silver necklaces usually have three colors, namely: Thai silver (old silver, also known as old silver, which means it looks vicissitudes of life and has a sense of historical accumulation. It can also be understood as “coated paste”), plain silver (natural silver), and platinum (shiny). Personally, I suggest choosing plain silver: Although the appearance is plain, it is amazing.