Sterling Silver Earrings

1. Benefits of wearing sterling silver earrings

The earrings can adjust the face shape to a certain extent, and the skin color can be adjusted to a certain extent according to the different materials of the earrings. Although fashion has nothing to do with materials, the most common earrings are sterling silver, gold and platinum. It is very popular because of its high purity, and allergies rarely occur.

Compared with gold earrings and platinum earrings, sterling silver earrings are a more reasonable material. On the other hand, compared with gold and platinum, sterling silver earrings are more harmonious, which can be worn all year round and can be used for various shapes.

The price of sterling silver is very low, so the design is very diversified and matches many elements very well. If your budget is low, please try to choose sterling silver earrings, which are also suitable for women of all generations

Wounds will be allergic to metal, inflamed and swollen, while sterling silver earrings have a certain health care effect on the body. Silver nourishes the skin, so people who have just made ear holes often choose sterling silver earrings/eardrops, and then choose other materials after the ear holes are completely grown. In addition, sterling silver earrings also have the advantages of good quality and low price. For young people who prefer to follow the trend and fashion offline, it is also more practical to choose sterling silver earrings. After all, the price of sterling silver is acceptable to most people.

2. How to maintain sterling silver earrings


Don’t take it to swim

It is better to keep the sterling silver jewelry dry. Taking it to swim will increase the chemical reaction of the sterling silver jewelry, making the sterling silver jewelry black and yellow quickly. It is also very troublesome to clean, and in serious cases, you need to go to a special repair shop for cleaning.

If you don’t wear sterling silver earrings for a long time, you should scrub them to prevent sweat stains from corroding the ornaments. After wiping them, put them into a sealed bag or a packaging box. Of course, it is better to isolate the silver from the air to avoid the reaction between the silver and the oxygen in the air, so as to turn black.

The best way to maintain sterling silver earrings is to wear them often. After all, sterling silver has a certain health care effect on the human body. For the little partner who has just had an ear hole, sterling silver eardrops or ear studs are the best choice.

When wearing sterling silver earrings, do not touch sulfur or sulfur soap. Of course, do not wear sterling silver jewelry when soaking in hot springs or playing with water at the sea, because it will react with sterling silver earrings, which will make the jewelry black.

When wearing sterling silver earrings, it is better not to wear other accessories.


1. Yellowing
If you find that the tremella ring is yellow, you can clean the surface with toothpaste and a little water to remove the yellow part. Or use a small brush to clean the seams.
2. Blacken
If the sterling silver earrings turn black, you can use a small jewelry brush to clean the slit of the jewelry, and then drop a drop of silver cream on the face paper to wipe away the black oxide on the silver surface.
3. Ultrasonic cleaning
If it is troublesome to clean yourself, you can use ultrasonic wave to clean sterling silver earrings. Ultrasonic wave can clean all kinds of dirt in the gaps of ornaments.

When you do not wear sterling silver jewelry, you should pay attention to the treatment and collection of sterling silver jewelry. It is better to seal it away from oxygen. Oxidation will lead to the blackening of sterling silver jewelry. Although silver jewelry is relatively cheap, each jewelry represents different feelings, so whether it is pure silver jewelry or pure gold jewelry, you should be very careful with these jewelry.