Pearl Necklaces & Pendants


Benefits of wearing pearl necklace

Wearing a pearl necklace can beautify and beautify the skin. Its various elements will be differentiated by sweat during wearing, which can nourish the skin. It can also enhance the temperament, and can be used to decorate the human body. It can also improve the quality of sleep. When wearing it, it will massage the neck skin.


The main ingredients of the pearl necklace are keratin, calcium carbonate, amino acid, calcium silicate, silver, manganese, zinc, etc. When you wear it on your body, the sweat of the human body will differentiate these substances, allowing them to penetrate through the surface of the skin to the bottom layer, which can nourish the skin and beautify your face.

Improve temperament

The beads of the pearl necklace are round in shape, delicate in feel, soft in luster and rich in layers, and look very gentle. It feels like a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. Wearing it on the body can decorate the human body, making the wearer look elegant, gentle and amiable, and improving his temperament.

Improve sleep

When the pearl necklace is worn on the neck, it will rub with the neck skin, which can play a certain role in massaging the skin of this part, promoting blood circulation, improving the quality of sleep, and improving the complexion of the human body.

Soothing discomfort

Natural pearls contain calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium oxide, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silver and other chemicals. When worn by human body, they will be gradually absorbed in contact with skin, which can relieve discomfort to a certain extent.

How did natural freshwater pearls grow to be usable?

The pearl breeding cycle is very long. Generally, it takes 4-6 years or even longer from seedling breeding to pearl breeding to harvest. Moreover, during the breeding period, workers also need to take very careful care to ensure the healthy growth of female shellfish. During this 2-3-year breeding period, workers must salvage female shellfish for cleaning every 10 to 14 days to remove marine organisms that may endanger their health, so as to ensure the healthy growth of female shellfish.

During the cultivation period, female shellfish are affected by water quality and climate. In addition to being affected by water quality, they are very easy to die. Generally, the survival rate of pearl oysters is 50%, and only 40% of them can form beads within this proportion range. Among them, the roundness of growth is very good, flawless, no mottled, and the color is gorgeous, but 5%. And only this 5% of high-quality pearls can be selected for pearl jewelry, which determines the rarity of pearls.

How to distinguish the authenticity of pearls

1. With your eyes: pearls have natural colorful light. In a necklace, their size and shape will also be different.
2. Touch it with your hand: is it greasy or clear? Is it warm or cold? Pearl hands feel cool.
3. Bite with your mouth: If you can’t recognize it, bite with your mouth. The real pearl feels like sand, but the glass ball can’t bite.
4. Real pearls are gently scraped with pearl powder with a knife. The imitation pearl scrapes off only a layer of skin.

How to maintain and clean pearls jewelry?


The first thing is to stay away from these kitchen fumes. Pearls have many tiny pores on their surface. To prevent the pearls from inhaling these dirty things, we must stay away from the kitchen and not bring the pearl necklace into the kitchen, especially those kitchens with a lot of grease and smoke. If we must bring them into the kitchen, then we have to be more careful in the kitchen. When cooking, we should take off this beautiful pearl jewelry. Steam and lamp oil may penetrate into our jewelry and make it yellow. After each time you wear your pearls, make sure to wipe them clean and put them in their own box.


Many girls like to wear pearls. This elegant and noble jewelry is favored by many people, but how can we care for such precious jewelry? How should we clean pearls?

1. First of all, we should realize that pearls are delicate. They can neither be corroded by acid or alkali, nor can they be worn when sweating. This will cause a corrosion on the surface of the pearl, and lose its luster. Moreover, they cannot be worn when exercising or when there is severe friction on the pearl, which will wear the pearl smooth.
2. When we wash pearls, we first prepare to immerse them in pure water at room temperature for a few minutes without soaking for too long or using tap water. Tap water is alkaline water, which will corrode the pearls and make them lose luster.
3. When we scrub, we use a soft cotton brush, and then gently brush off the stains on the pearl surface.
4. After cleaning, we pick up the pearl and gently wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use force to wipe it to avoid scratches.
5. Finally, our pearls can’t stay in hot places for a long time, such as hot water, to avoid burning our precious pearls.


pearls should not be exposed to sunlight, moisture, or stored with hygienic balls and camphor. Pearls are afraid of acid, sweat, perfume, hairspray and other ingredients, so it is best to wear them through clothing. Wear makeup before wearing pearl jewelry, as most beauty products are harmful to pearls, including perfumes and hairsprays.