Hoop Earrings

How to wear hoop earrings


When wearing the plug-in hoop earrings, just use the solid connector to pass through the ear hole and fill the hollow connector to complete the wearing. When wearing the opening type, you can use the same color silk thread to fix the interface behind the ear, and then adjust it to the appropriate tightness. When wearing an open shape, you can use pliers to make a small bend at one end, and use the other end to go through the ear hole and then go through the small bend, and then pinch and fix it.

For the plug-in hoop earrings, the interface on one side is hollow and the interface on the other side is solid. When wearing, just insert the solid interface through the ear hole, fill the gap interface, and adjust it to a firm and comfortable degree.

Open type

The interface of the open hoop earring is open, which is easy to fall off when wearing. You can hold the ear holes on both sides of the interface, and then fix the interface with silk thread of the same color. Finally, put it behind the ear, and adjust the tightness.

Open form

The interface of some hoop earrings is open. You can use pliers to make a small bend at one end, use the other end to pass through the ear hole, and then put this end into the well made bend, and use your hands to tighten and fix it. Open the hoop earrings and wear them.

How to choose and match hoop earrings?

Less is more, simple is complex, so choose simple earrings.

The simplest hoop earrings are only different in thickness and length in style; Try to choose “slim” and “short and thick” styles; the former is sexy, while the latter is classic.

Of course, the colors of all kinds of eye-catching earrings must be more diverse. Generally, gold and silver are eternal colors. If you don’t have to start, you can consider other colors, especially candy colors.

The premise of matching all earrings is that they are suitable for your face or neck. The shape of your face should be in contrast to the shape of your earrings. Don’t match a round face with large and thin earrings. If the shape of your face or neck is not perfect, then use small silver earrings to ensure the integrity of the overall matching. Otherwise, too exotic and dazzling colors and styles will be a shame to yourself.

In daily life, please try to avoid big and thick exaggerated style; Otherwise, it is easy to give people the feeling of being a local tyrant or casually