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Will the silver plated necklace fade? Is it worth buying?

Many friends may not know whether the sterling silver gold-plated necklace will fade when they choose jewelry. They do not know whether the silver gold-plated necklace is worth buying. In fact, the silver gold-plated necklace is coated with a layer of gold on the 925 silver surface, which can prevent oxidation. If silver is exposed to oxygen, sulfur, nitric acid and other substances, the surface will gradually become black and lose luster. Plating a layer of gold on the surface of 925 silver can improve the decoration and plasticity of 925 silver, because 925 silver can be plated with metals of various colors, such as rose gold, gold, platinum, etc., making it easier to make.

The silver gold-plated necklace will fade because the gold-plated products will fade. Generally speaking, the silver content in the silver gold-plated necklace is very small, which will be affected by sweat erosion. Especially in the hot climate, the color will fade if you wear it for a long time. Although silver gold-plated necklaces may fade, for most people, silver gold-plated necklaces are rich in styles, beautiful in style, and relatively affordable, which makes them fashionable to wear. This is why there are many silver gold-plated necklaces on the market. If your silver gold-plated necklace is easy to fade, it is likely to be fake. Otherwise, the thickness of the gold-plated necklace does not meet the standard, which requires attention. At present, most toothpastes on the market are weakly acidic, which does little harm to the silver plated necklace, so you can use toothpastes to clean it. Cosmetics and toiletries have certain chemical properties, so it is best to keep the silver plated gold necklace jewelry away from cosmetics and avoid contact with cosmetics.

Will the silver gilt necklace fade?

The fading of silver gold-plated necklace is inevitable, but it can be used for a long time under the premise of proper maintenance. Therefore, when wearing the silver gold-plated necklace, it is recommended to wipe it frequently to remove the sweat stains on its surface. You can also apply a layer of colorless nail polish before wearing to prevent the fading of the silver plated gold necklace. Because the silver gold-plated necklace is only coated with gold, its life force is far less than that of gold. Will the silver gold-plated necklace fade? Sometimes, because the silver plated necklace is exposed to some acidic substances, after being corroded, the electroplating coating will fade, but generally speaking, the silver plated necklace is very difficult to fade. 925 silver is a 92.5% silver alloy. In essence, it has high hardness, is oxidation resistant, and is a material that is difficult to fade. It is even more difficult to fade by electroplating K gold. No matter how hard the silver gold-plated necklace is, it is also easy to scratch. Therefore, try to avoid friction to prevent the surface layer from falling off, which will cause discoloration and oxidation.


How to choose a style of gold plated necklace?

The simpler the style the better it will match your various outfits. If you are only going to buy one piece, consider a minimalist style; if you have enough budget, you can buy different styles to suit your different occasions and outfits.

How do I care for my gold-plated necklace?

Avoid exposing it to water or chemicals as this may cause the plating to wear off. When you are not wearing your necklace, store it in a soft cloth bag or jewelry box. If possible, it is recommended to have it professionally cleaned every few years to keep it in tip-top condition.