Gold Plated Earrings

What to do when the air of gold-plated earrings becomes oxidized and black

Clean the earrings with toothpaste. Put the gold-plated earrings under cold water for cleaning to remove the dust and chemical substances attached to the surface, and then apply an appropriate milky white whitening toothpaste on the gold-plated earrings. The chemical components in the toothpaste can fully dissolve the air oxidation chemical substances of the gold-plated earrings, which has a super strong decontamination effect. Later, gently rub the surface of the gold-plated earrings with your finger belly until the gray black air oxidation chemical substances completely disappear, then wash it under cold water. Remove the organic chemical residues from the surface layer of the gold-plated earrings to prevent corrosion of the gold-plated earrings materials, thereby endangering the service life of the gold-plated earrings and the appearance of the gold-plated earrings. In the future, wipe the unnecessary water stains on the surface layer of the gold-plated earrings with a clean soft rag, so that the gold-plated earrings can repair their original smoothness.