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Precautions for wearing sterling silver gold-plated bracelet

1. In the process of wearing the gold-plated bracelet, if you have plenty of time, you’d better often wipe it with fine flannel cloth to keep the jewelry bright.

2. When not wearing, gently wipe the surface with cotton cloth or absorbent tissue to remove moisture and dirt from the bracelet, and place it in a sealed bag or jewelry box to avoid contact with the air.

3. When taking a bath or doing heavy work, you should take off the bracelet, otherwise the golden color of the bracelet will become dark or even fade directly after soaking in hot water or sweat.

4. In the process of wearing the bracelet, do not forcibly pull it, otherwise it is easy to break the bracelet or the gold plating will fall off.

5. When putting the bracelet in the jewelry box for safekeeping, do not put the gold-plated bracelet and other jewelry in the same place. This will cause friction between the two, and damage the gold-plated layer or stain the color of other jewelry.

6. In general, once the gold plated things lose luster or the gold layer is corroded, there is no way to restore the luster by gold washing water or other methods. Therefore, you must be careful when wearing them. When doing housework or washing clothes, you must remember to remove the gold plated bracelet to avoid being corroded by chemicals such as laundry detergent.

7. If the style of your gold-plated jewelry is relatively complex, you’d better go to a professional bracelet store for professional cleaning and maintenance every six months, so that the gold-plated jewelry can always be kept fresh.