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What kinds of earrings are there?

Earrings are mainly divided into the following categories according to their shapes:

Stud Earrings

It is the most popular and popular one. The needle of the earring passes through the ear hole and is fixed with a bracket at the back of the ear. Generally, nail shaped earrings are used for ear piercing. When the ear drops, there is usually a string of jewelry for embellishment. They vary in length. Some are only 2cm under the ear beads, while others can be as long as the shoulders. Long dangling earrings are usually used in grand occasions.

Hoop Earrings

A 360 degree circle, with a hole in the middle, through the ear hole. The ring shaped earrings made of notched jade rings are called jade rings. Some scholars believe that wearing jade rings requires large ear holes, while others believe that they are clip on.

Dangling earring

No need to nail ear holes, just hang on the back of the ear. The dangling earrings are becoming more and more popular.

Clip shaped, magnet earrings

For the convenience of people without pierced ears, some ring shaped earrings will be designed as clips, holding the ear beads. Granular or nail shaped earrings cannot be designed into clip shape generally, so it is necessary to use the characteristics of magnets to clip the ear beads. Magnet earrings are an earring connected with a magnet on the outside and a mini magnet with opposite magnetism on the inside. The two magnets firmly hold the ear beads.

Silicone Earrings

This kind of earring does not clamp the ear with clamping force, but uses the friction between silicone and skin to prevent the earring from falling off. Compared with other clip type earrings that can be easily clamped to pain in order to clamp, silicone earrings can be said to have no pain.