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The meaning of different colored crystals?

White Crystal: White crystal represents purity. It purifies our mind, stabilizes our emotions, and has the magical effect of purifying radiation.

Blue Crystal: Blue is the color of the sky, signifying calmness and eternity, while blue crystal is a symbol of friendship and wisdom. We can buy a blue crystal for our best friend.

Citrine: represents wealth. We can see citrine in many companies and stores, representing the rolling of money.

Pink crystal. Known as the stone of love, it is deeply loved by young people and represents love and happiness.

Purple Crystal: Purple itself is a symbol of nobility and mystery, while amethyst represents nobility and romance.

Red Crystal: It will come as no surprise that red symbolizes passion and drive. Red is a very charged color – it provides energy and power. Red crystals represent courage and will.

Green Crystal: Associated with wealth, serenity and growth. These are all amazing qualities! Green can remind us of nature and Mother Earth, helping us to thrive in our purpose. Studies show that even just looking at green can bring peace, which means these green stones and crystals can help calm you down just by looking at them.

How to maintain the crystal necklace?

Wipe your crystal necklace with a clean soft cloth after wearing it to keep its unique luster! If fingerprints are printed on the crystal or if it is dirty, you can dust the crystal with a soft and lint-free cloth, and be gentle when dusting to avoid scratching the crystal.

Please avoid contacting the crystal necklace with chemical cleaning agents and other items. Do not wear the crystal jewelry in the shower, face washing, hand washing, dish washing, swimming, etc.

Remember to wear your crystal necklace after spraying perfume and hair products, as water vapor and chemicals will adhere to the surface of the crystal and make it dull.

Crystal is brittle, so please take it lightly and keep it away from high temperature. When you do not wear crystal jewelry for a long time, please store it in a separate box or soft cloth bag, do not overlap the jewelry to avoid colliding with each other and rubbing the crystal surface.