Crystal Necklaces & Pendants


What are the advantages of crystal necklace

The crystal that people often mention is actually a kind of crystalline gem with silicon dioxide as the main component. It has been said before that crystal is the essence of the heaven and earth. It can bring good luck to the wearer, make the career of the work wearer better and better. At the same time, if students wear it, they can also make their academic achievements better and better. It is also often said that “crystal can make money and also remove bad luck”.

1. Benefits of crystal necklace to human body:
Crystal has many colors, including yellow, white, purple, gold, green, etc. The color of the crystal is very beautiful, crystal clear and precious, so she can delight the masses. Therefore, from a psychological point of view, the crystal necklace can make people feel better, and the magic is that it can make people with irregular periods wear it regularly, and it can also make people who have long nightmares become calm and stable when they sleep, so the crystal necklace is really good for the human body.

2. Psychological benefits of wearing crystal necklace:
Crystal necklace is not only good for people’s health, but also good for people’s psychology. It is said that natural crystal has a “piezoelectric effect”. The magnetic field generated by crystal has a certain role in refreshing and stabilizing emotions. Crystal can concentrate the energy of the human body. Therefore, this method is also called “crystal therapy” by American researchers. In addition, the crystal contains a large number of trace elements, such as manganese, iron, steel, titanium, etc., which are beneficial to the human body. In addition, during its formation, it will be exposed to underground radiation and retain a small part of the radioactive elements. These radioactive elements contain very small amounts, so they will not cause too much harm to the body. On the contrary, after long-term research, it is found that she will have the role of radiotherapy.

How to distinguish the quality of crystal?

First, there is cotton wadding. In addition to a few crystals with little cotton wadding, natural crystals have more or less cotton wadding. The more cotton wadding, the lower the general quality.

Second, look at impurities, because natural crystals are all products of nature. After thousands of years of accumulation, they will be more or less doped with some minerals and impurities due to earthquakes and other reasons, and gradually formed on the surface or included in the interior. The more impurities, the more naturally affect the quality.

Third, ice cracks. Since natural crystals are formed in the natural environment over time, they will naturally have some broken lines under the influence of earthquake movement, debris flow and other external forces, which is also a major feature of natural crystals.

How to distinguish true from false crystal necklace

The real crystal necklace is crystal clear and bright, with soft luster. It touches your skin and gives you a cool feeling. Even in the dog days of hot summer, licking the surface of natural crystal ornaments with your tongue can make you feel cold and cool. Fake crystal ornaments have a light sense of cool.

The real crystal necklace has a positive optical rotation. When placed vertically in the sun, it can emit colorful luster. No matter from any angle, it can radiate beautiful luster, while the false one cannot.

The hardness, specific gravity and refractive index of a real crystal necklace are quite different from those of a fake one. The real necklace is heavier and the fake necklace is lighter. The hardness of the real necklace is 7.00 and the refractive index is 1.54, while the fake necklace is only 5.2~6.10 and the refractive index is less than 1.00. The natural crystal is hard, so you can use crushed stone to gently scratch on the jewelry without leaving traces. If there are streaks left, it is a fake crystal ornament.

From the perspective of purity, during the formation of crystal, it is often affected by the environment and always contains some impurities, some of which have different degrees of flaws and colors. When looking at the sun, you can see light, uniform and small horizontal stripes or catkins. The false crystal is mostly made of defective crystal slag and glass slag by smelting, polishing, coloring and imitation, without uniform stripes and catkins.

The real crystal necklace seems to be coated with a thin layer of oil color, which is cyan. No, they are white like glass.

How to maintain the crystal necklace?

Wipe your crystal necklace with a clean soft cloth after wearing it to keep its unique luster! If fingerprints are printed on the crystal or if it is dirty, you can dust the crystal with a soft and lint-free cloth, and be gentle when dusting to avoid scratching the crystal.

Please avoid contacting the crystal necklace with chemical cleaning agents and other items. Do not wear the crystal jewelry in the shower, face washing, hand washing, dish washing, swimming, etc.

Remember to wear your crystal necklace after spraying perfume and hair products, as water vapor and chemicals will adhere to the surface of the crystal and make it dull.

Crystal is brittle, so please take it lightly and keep it away from high temperature. When you do not wear crystal jewelry for a long time, please store it in a separate box or soft cloth bag, do not overlap the jewelry to avoid colliding with each other and rubbing the crystal surface.