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What are the styles of bracelets?

1. Transfer bead bracelet: The composition of the transfer bead bracelet is very simple and classic. It is a combination of small oval beads made of gold material. Some beads may be engraved with patterns. Different quantities of beads have different meanings. One represents good luck in life, and three represent good fortune.

2. Fancy Bracelet: This is a relatively new style of bracelet, which is usually made of square silk chain or whip chain with exquisite patterns, or rough chain body with floral embellishment.

3. Horse whip chain bracelet: It is made of. It is strong and sturdy and is suitable for older people to wear.

4. Ten thousand silk chain bracelet: it is a kind of bracelet combining mechanical processing and manual production. It is thin and suitable for people with long and thin arms.

5. Phoenix tail chain bracelet: It is a kind of “gorgeous” bracelet style. Its appearance looks like a feather, and the craft is complex, although it looks very thick.

However, in fact, most of them are hollow and light, which is suitable for women who like rich and gorgeous styles to wear. In addition, the phoenix tail chain covers the flesh, and the slightly fat wrist will look thinner when worn.

6. Water ripple chain bracelet: This bracelet can be listed as “the most popular gold bracelet for women”, because its face value is really very high. The thin chain ripples like water waves, which can show the feminine temperament when worn.

It looks gentle and fashionable, and the style is also very versatile. It is more suitable for women under 35 with thin wrists to wear.

7. Snake bone chain bracelet: Like water ripple chain, it belongs to the category of thin chain. The difference is that the surface of snake bone chain is smoother and the process is more complex.

Although the style is simple, it is very tasteful. Even if it is worn in the workplace, it is not out of the ordinary. It is also brilliant to wear with OL professional clothes, which is very suitable for working women with slender wrists.

8. Hemp chain bracelet: This is also a versatile bracelet, and it is slightly more “solid” than the ripple chain. Although it is not as beautiful and colorful as the ripple chain, it is superior to the atmosphere. It is suitable for both young and old women to wear, and does not choose the thickness of the wrist.

9. Twisted wire chain bracelet: It looks like several strands of gold wire are twisted together. Compared with hemp rope chain, twisted wire chain is more delicate. If the wrist is thin, you can choose a thinner strand. If the wrist has more flesh, you can choose a thicker strand.