How to choose a crystal necklace

How to choose a crystal necklace

The necklace is made of a long chain, threaded with pearls and jade of various colors, and wound around the neck. There are also short chains with buckles for easy picking. As a kind of jewelry, the crystal necklace has conquered the hearts of countless women with its transparent, dreamy and shiny materials and effects. It is generally divided into amethyst necklaces, black crystal necklaces, natural crystal necklaces and white crystal necklaces.

Different crystal quality, the price is different, dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, depending on the material.

1. Crystal gives people a cool feeling. In summer, more and more MM wear crystal jewelry. Different crystal quality has different prices, ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, depending on the material.

2. The collar of the crystal necklace is polished with energy during processing. Rough manufacturing will cause friction marks on the surface of the crystal. Good crystal products have good natural transparency and luster, so the floor light directly affects the value of crystal products.

3. The price of the crystal necklace is not only related to the color and permeability, but also to the size of the bead. If all the colors of the necklace are dark, except for several colors, the price will not be high.

4. The crystal necklace should match the skin color and age, and the factors of face shape should also be considered. For example, the long face should be short or thick, or double or triple sets. If you choose to wear a long necklace, the face will be more elongated, so you should consciously choose a medium length necklace with comfortable clothes to shorten the face shape.

5. The crystal necklace should be selected according to the characteristics of the neck. For example, the person with a long neck should choose a necklace with large and short particles to occupy a certain position on the neck, which can visually reduce the length of the neck; People with short necks should choose small and long necklaces.

6. When buying a natural crystal necklace, you should not only confirm that it is a real pure natural crystal, but also check whether the beads are even and the color should not be too different.

7. The purchase of pure natural crystals is mainly based on two points: the quality and the contents. Different crystals have different colors and different effects. Therefore, when purchasing, you should consider your own constellation and fortune comprehensively. It is best for you.

8 When buying a crystal necklace, you should see whether the eyelets are straight, whether the holes are symmetrical, and whether there are small cracks. The whole wall shall not be clear and transparent without white marks.

matters needing attention

For crystal products with excellent materials, there should be no star shaped, cloud shaped or catkin shaped gas-liquid inclusions. It is better that the texture is pure, smooth and crystal clear. If there are cracks and spots of different depths, they are inferior.

If it is a crystal inlaid ornament, see if it is firm and harmonious. You should also pay attention to the style of crystal jewelry and whether the color is in harmony with your body, skin color, face and clothing.


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