Can 925 silver earrings become inflamed or allergic?

925 sterling silver earrings are silver jewelry with a silver content of 92.5%. 925 silver refers to the addition of 7.5% copper to silver when making jewelry, which is internationally known as standard silver. The 925 sterling silver earrings are fashionable and exquisite, and are not easily allergic. For a friend who has just pierced his ears, the 925 sterling silver earrings are perfect. Many people are curious about whether 925 silver earrings will become inflamed, and whether wearing 925 silver earrings will be allergic if they have just finished earholes?

Can 925 silver earrings become inflamed or allergic?

925 sterling silver jewelry has always been very popular. In addition to its stable physical properties and beautiful appearance, it is also cheap. Generally speaking, 925 sterling silver earrings only cost a few yuan or a dozen yuan for a pair, which is not calculated in grams. If it is a well-known brand such as Tiffany, its 925 sterling silver earrings may be more expensive. Because of its softness and easy oxidation, 925 silver has been recognized as the lowest standard of pure silver in the world since Tiffany created 925 silver. 925 silver is widely used in jewelry making. 925 silver jewelry can be seen everywhere in the market, and 925 silver earrings are also very popular. The 925 sterling silver earrings are not expensive. A pair of ordinary brand sterling silver earrings will not exceed 100 yuan, and it sets off the wearer’s temperament. It is a very common phenomenon that the tremella ring turns black. The most convenient treatment is to dry wipe it with toothpaste. Apply toothpaste on the tremella ring, wrap it with a cloth and wipe it, then rinse it with clean water, and the tremella ring will be as clean as new.

Can 925 silver earrings become inflamed?

If you get inflamed, it may be because the jewelry you buy is low-grade silver products rather than 925 sterling silver products. At present, there are two types of silver jewelry sold on the market: one is 925 silver, with a silver content of more than 92.5%, and the human body is generally not allergic to silver. The other is low-grade alloy jewelry with electroplating process. The total metal is nickel, which is cheap due to cost considerations. A small number of people are allergic to any metal, and silver jewelry is no exception. Everyone’s endocrine structure is different. Some people’s sweat contains more acid, some people’s sweat contains less acid, and some people’s ammonia content is higher. Therefore, wearing silver jewelry has different results. The acid is easy to black, while the acid is not easy to black. Even some people with strong oil secretion will bring their silver jewelry with shiny silver wings, most of which are coated (except for a small number of silver natural color accessories), Therefore, please do not use the silver cloth easily, but even if there is a coating, it also needs to be well maintained, so please try not to wear silver plated jewelry when you sweat more, and do not wear silver plated jewelry when you are allergic.


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