Founded in 2018, ACORDOI was originally a design company specializing in jewelry design. Later, ACORDOI gradually demonstrated its unique jewelry design style, and became a luxury jewelry brand in the new era through highly customized packaging services and high-level jewelry quality. Whether you are looking for the latest jewelry styles for yourself or trying to find the perfect personalized gift, Acordoi.com has thousands of choices.

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Design and process

Each piece in our assortment starts with our in-house design team. We’re inspired by sleek, modern sculptural designs and patterns; we celebrate the pop of a gemstone, the subtle sparkle of a diamond; and we’re energized by your personal style.

Each design goes through countless versions in partnership with our master jewelers to perfect settings, lengths, chain links, clasps, ring comfort, earring fit—no detail goes unnoticed or undiscussed—until the piece is exactly right.

Design Services

Quality Process

We remove the middlemen and work directly with the best jewelers around the world. Our pieces are made to last using high-quality, responsibly sourced materials.

Customized Packaging

As a gift, the grade of packaging determines the first quality of the gift. ACORDOI provides multiple levels of preset packaging and customized service options.

Emotional Expression

While ACORDOI provides high-level jewelry gifts, it also provides free social media platform for customers to express their feelings, showing love, apologizing or even thanksgiving.

Jackson Wang graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA) jewelry design.

For all jewelry brand services in the market, Jackson believes that more consideration should be given to the importance of the gift surrounding. Product design and quality are only the most basic brand capabilities. As the outer packaging of the product, it is also a module that requires a lot of attention to research, reflecting the details of high-end luxury brands everywhere.

Jackson Wang

– Co-founder & CEO

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